Naerincheon River

This morning at 6:10 Mrs. Lee came over to our house; she was going to watch Zoe whom we thought would still be sleeping. Last night we all got home late after an evening Roof Stomping the new commander. Bryan and I were as quiet as we could be, but she had just woken on her own 1/2 hour before my alarm to go pee in her potty. Oh well, we all got breakfast together and she seemed happy to show Jiyoung her kitchen set as we left. Bryan and I were on our way to Outdoor Rec by 6:30 for the Whitewater Rafting trip on the Naerincheon River. The bus ride took about 3 1/2 hours to get there, and we tried in vane to sleep. Unfortunately today was merely warmish and drizzly. We made the best of it though and just got wetter! After dividing the big group into rafts we boarded ours and met our hysterical leader. “Kim” was this 19 year olds name – last name – and he spoke a bit of English. It took a while for him to control our little group of 7; he got the crazies of the bunch. Most of the other rafts sported 10 people. The river was so fun!! We paddled when he said forward (and when he didn’t), we bounced and pushed to get unstuck from rocks (when he wanted us to calmly rock), we attacked and boarded another raft (he simply thought we’d ‘water fight’), and we all jumped out when he asked if we wanted to swim. “Oh my God” seemed to be his what-the-hell-are-they-doing phrase. The rain didn’t hinder our fun, but did make us a bit chilly when the water was calm. We took a break half way down the river to jump off a small cliff. We got jammed when we tried to pass another raft in the middle of a rapid. We all got out of the raft onto a boulder when we got stuck…then promptly got sucked off or under the raft only to emerge laughing while Kim was freaking out. Though we were silly, we also worked well together to control the raft and even counted out our paddling in Korean “Hana..Dool..Hana..Dool”. What a great day! The bus ride home felt long. Zoe was sleeping when we arrived at 7:30. I guess she took a super-early nap at 8am and then went to bed easily around 6PM! after dinner and a bath. It’s still drizzling out and sounds wonderful with the windows open.

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