Orders In!

We are going to Moody AFB in Georgia.



Georgia; this wasn’t even on Bryan’s dreamsheet. But it’s going to work out great. He gets to continue flying the A-10 at an operational squadron, which is something special after just coming from an operational squadron in Tucson. Bryan is very happy about that.

We found out at the splash park yesterday when we ran into Bryan’s commander. I guess he had just gotten the good word on Friday. Bryan and I were both just sort of numbed and nuetral about it. Obviously, it’s not the good news. We would’ve loved to go to Germany or back to Tucson where our house is. But it’s also not the bad news. There was the possibility of going to a training squadron in Texas or Oklahoma. So, it’s simply nuetral and completely out of the blue. We’ll miss all the awesome rock climbing in Tucson, but we’re excited to get some use out of our kayaks again and see something new!

So, that was our big exciting Fathers Day. We walked onto base, got some lunch at Chili’s, went for a nice hike, and then the splash park in the evening.


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