Zoe is 2!

This morning started early when Zoe woke at 6:30. We dug into presents right away. She loves the little kid video cam we got her and tolerated getting sized for her climbing harness. We were able to talk to both Nan and Grandpa Joe and Nana and Pappy for a little bit; opened a few of their gifts live on Skype. She had her 2 year checkup at 8am and it went well. She actually really seemed to have fun while the doc used the eye-examiner and just playing with the toys they kept in the room. Nice to have her seen in an actual pediatric clinic. The appt didn’t last long so we returned home to open even more gifts from the grandparents, uncles, and aunts while we chatted on Skype. Unfortunately Zoe was pretty skyped out by now and just wanted to play with her already opened stuff. We ended up just letting her play while we chatted. Everyone seems to enjoy watching her play on the webcam. For lunch we brought her special cake onto base to eat at chili’s, but we got there before they opened so we hit up the library for some new books. At lunch she ordered a grilled chicken, black beans, olives, and juice…all favorites! Bryan then had to go work after spending the morning with us. Zoe instantly napped. When she woke we opened a couple more random gifts and headed back to base for a squadron picnic. I made ice cream cone cupcakes with little Z’s on them to celebrate her birthday; they seemed to be a hit with the kid’s. We all had a lot of fun playing with all the other family’s at the playground. Even Arlo came along and ran around like a nut begging burgers and hotdogs and god-knows-what-else from people. His stomach is making crazy sounds tonight. Zoe played all afternoon from 3:25 when the party started to 7:00 when we left! She loves playgrounds and especially likes to take rocks or leaves or sticks and send them down the slide in front of her. Tonight we watched an elephant video since she had earned it using the potty. After bath she went to bed quickly and soundly. Tired happy little girl. Tomorrow we are continuing the celebration by heading to the splash park for the day.


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