Camping on the Beach

Our weekend continued on Sunday as we celebrated my birthday a day early…I opened my gifts and we had cake for brunch. All so we could get on the road for an awesome night of camping on the beach. We drove about 2 hours south east and found an amazing spot to camp right on the beach where it was actually clean and the water was Super Warm! The afternoon was so fun as we swam in the Sea, found huge shells, and setup camp. Arlo got extremely tired by chasing seagulls everywhere, which made the local Koreans a bit nervous since he is the size of a bear to them. There weren’t very many people out, though, so we just let him play. In the evening the whole place was ours! It was a wonderful night camping out; not too warm, not too cold, and listening to the waves was great. Zoe loved swimming and digging in the sand and. She seems to just love everything about camping. Today we woke early and went for another dip in the Sea and a final search for good shells. Drove home a different, quicker way. It was a great birthday campout. This afternoon we’ve just been prepping the house for our big trips – Bryan to Alaska and me & Zuzz to PA in 2 days!


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