PA and AK

Zoe and I flew to PA on Wednesday…we’ve been tired so I haven’t gotten to the blog. Our flights went well. We flew on US-owned airlines, so everything was sorta less nice than our other recent trips…like charging for booze, whose heard of that on an international flight? From Songtan we took the bus up to Seoul airport with Bryan, flew to Tokyo, then flew to LA. In LA we had a wonderful day layover to spend with Uncle Jim & Aunt Lou; this is an awesome way to travel! Later that evening we continued on a red-eye to Detroit and on to State College. Zoe travelled well, slept on the planes, and only had one accident when the flight attendant had the cart beside our seat and wouldn’t move so I could get to the potty. We spent most of Thursday napping and then Friday went to the Arts Festival in Boalsburg and picked Bethany up from the airport.

Bryan is in Alaska; he flew out on the same day as us. He has already seen a few moose and was going to Denali for the weekend. He is very happy to be back in the states for a bit.

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