Delgrosso Park

So, it used to be Blands Park, but the Delgrosso sauce factory bought it and it’s now Delgrosso Park. This is a small town amusement park with lots of fun little rides for little kids, and it’s a blast. Zoe and I went today with Nana; Nan and Aunt Bethany joined us. Zuzzer loved all the kiddo rides, especially helicopters and the spinny dragons. Bethany and I left her with ‘the Nans’ and hit up all the big kid rides for a bit. After rides she napped for a bit on Bethany we spent about an hour at the Splash park. Of course, it was a hit. Our big day out finished with a wonderful Concert on the Diamond in Hollidaysburg. It’s like a small town block party with everyone from rockers to bikers to families to retirees hanging out listening to tunes and having some food and drink. Great! Zoe danced. Felix and Hurricanes were playing. They are a local band who is also playing at the upcoming Music Festival that Dave is planning.

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