Hanging at Travis

This morning I resigned myself to simply Space-A ing back to Korea via Hawaii, but then I found out there is a flight to Alaska on Saturday. Called Bryan and we agreed to throw the dice, so now I’m chilling at Travis AFB for a couple days to try for Alaska. I’m in no rush to get back to Korea, so why not? Still wishing I would’ve tried my luck on the Friday flight out of McGuire instead, but they didn’t even know if they would have any seats. I also found out that the flight I was going to attempt today was uber-full…I’ve run into the same family a few times who have tried 3 different flights to Hawaii with no luck. Now is not the time to go there, so I’m thinking it will be better to simply go via Alaska anyway! Hoping to rent a car tomorrow and hit up some national parks down in San Francisco for the old Passport obsession.

This Space A stuff is fun! Never thought I’d have choices to make, though. I thought I’d just have to roll with whatever came up. Neat.

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