Space A Mcguire to Travis

Last night the fam dropped me off at the TLF on McGuire AFB. I called the PAX terminal just before bed and found out that the Travis flight was pushed back until 10am! Thank God, as it was 540am previous.

In the morning we woke up, I called and got 2 nights booked at Travis lodging, we played at the playground, got some breakfast at the hotel and took the shuttle to the terminal. It was nice! The terminal has a kid room and indoor playground which was amazing. Just as they were starting to roll call for our flight the new flights for Friday were posted…and there was one to Eileson…so I thought for a bit about going, but decided not to just in case I didn’t make it and get stuck on the east coast. I’m still not sure if that was the right choice. I also had no preparations made for hanging out at McGuire 2 extra nights.

Anyway, we were called at the roll call for Travis and took it. The fligth was great….sat along the wall of a C-17. Once airborne we all laid out blankets to nap or hang on the floor. Zoe had fun with the other 5 kids aboard. 6 hours went fast and was so much more enjoyable than being stuck in a seat on an airline.

Now we are at Travis and there is a flight out tonight that heads to Osan, but has few seats and there are a lot of people vying for it since it goes threw hawaii. No sign of an alaska flight, but I’ll hold out a couple days.

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