Stuck in CA

So, we’re still here. We’ve attempted to get on flights to Hawaii and to Alaska with no luck, but have had a good time trying. On Friday I rented a car and we drove to Muir Woods to see the giant redwoods and then up the coast on the 1 to see Point Reyes. It was awesome. Saturday found us visiting my cousin Kristina in Sacramento. We ended up staying with her for the night since the flight I wanted was cancelled. Wonderful. Sunday and Monday we tried for flights with no luck. But, while waiting, we met a great couple and had fun joking around about all our space A adventures. Ended up having brunch with them, and then they helped Zoe and I get to a car rental AND they got us a car seat! Wonderful and amazing and so kind! Anyway, we decided to head to San Francisco. So we’re staying with cousin Lara for a couple days. Wednesday is a fligth to Osan with alot of seats open…hopefully we make it!

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