Yokota AB, Japan

On Wednesday the flight to Hawaii – Guam – Korea was cancelled, AND on base lodging was full. A nice retired couple drove us off base and helped us find a cheap hotel. Then, yesterday morning I awoke around 5am to use the bathroom and decided to call the Travis terminal just to see if there were any changes….yippee!! a flight out with 73 seats to Elmendorf then on to Yokota. So, we packed up quickly and called a cab to take us to base. For once our name was called and we got on the plane. It was a big C-5 with lots of seats – airline style – up in the attic. No windows, but roomy. The flight to Elmendorf, AK took about 5 hours. They let us off for a couple hours while they loaded up some stuff and then we got back on with fewer people and flew 8 hours to Yokota AB in Japan. Zoe did great; she slept the entire first flight, and played like a nut with all the other kiddo’s in the holding area, then we watched a movie on the 2nd flight and slept for the remainder. Once we arrived I was told we needed to walk off base to go to immigration and get our passport stamped. So that fiasco took about 45 minutes and then we walked about a mile to lodging. We have 2 nights here and then we’ll try for a flight to Kadena on Sunday (it should be easier to get to Korea from there). There is an airshow here this weekend, though, so it could all change. We are tired and ready to be home, now.

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