Stuck in Yokota

Closer, but no cigar. I’m staying at Yokota AB in Japan. There are flights from here to Kadena AB…the one today was cancelled…which I’ve heard goes to Osan more frequently. Well, a call to Kadena revealed they have nothing scheduled to Osan through Wednesday, while here at Yokota there is a flight to Osan ON wednesday with very few seats. I even called Osan and the guy there said they get just as many flights in from Yokota as Kadena. I guess, well, I just don’t know what I’ll do. A flight could just pop up at either place without notice, and I don’t want to be at the wrong place.

We’re making the best of it. Yesterday was a big Airshow/Festival here at the base, so we enjoyed the hot weather, planes, and a hotdog. Met up with a couple guys from Bryan’s squadron who were here with the A-10s; told them to say hi for me since they’ll see him before I do. Not sure what we’ll do for the next couple days; I’m really hoping for a rogue Osan flight to appear and whisk me home.

We are, however, very jetlagged. Yesterday we tried to stay awake all day, but fell asleep for a nap around 3pm after walking back from the Festival. I woke up this morning at 2am bright eyed and bushy tailed; Zoe woke an hour later. It’s now 9am and she’s down for her afternoon nap. We already ate lunch a while ago.

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