So, I decide to come down to Okinawa and try for a flight back to Korea from here. The flight was on a C-130 with a bunch of Army troops; very packed and uncomfortable but a fun adventure. So far, I’ve had a nice stay with our friends from Vance, BUT have the depressing news that there aren’t any foreseeable flights to Osan. I did almost get one today, though. I guess the local Marine base also does space A and had 2 flights today. I had called last night and very early this morning when Zoe and I woke and they told me there was nothing to Korea, then I called again later in the morning and they said I missed one in the AM (can you imagine my pissed-off-ed-ness?). They said there was another that was doing 2 other stops first, but to rush over and I’d make it. Well, I called Michelle and she rushed home, I packed up fast, and got Zoe ready. However, I’m still here. Apparently some General will be getting on so I can’t ride. My frustration level was very high when we got back, and I had a good cry. But, Zoe and I toughed it out and went to the beach which was awesome! I feel better and more positive now; hoping for that flight out of the blue again.

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