Osan never looked so good

Wow! we’re here! We made it home after 2 weeks of Space-A-ing it across the globe. Yesterday we went to Kadena and waited for 2 flights; made the second one just to be told (after hours of waiting to board, checking my bags, getting a ticket, and taking a cab off base to the immigration office for a passport stamp) that they couldn’t take passengers as they had no flotation devices, oh and it already took off. They didn’t even make an announcement – were they going to just let me hang out waiting all day? Damn, I lost it. Just balling my eyes out in the terminal and complaining about how they didn’t even call me to the desk to tell me. Not my proudest moment, but I just hit the bottom. I was able to get Bryan on the DSN line at work and he arranged for me to go to lodging on base. Well after a bit of calm down time in the hotel Zoe and I had a nice walk to the library then the comissary for some groceries to make dinner. There were no Osan flights from Kadena listed through Sunday. Bryan called around and heard of a new flight from Futenma MCS to Gimhae (in Busan) where I’d then have to catch the train up to Songtan. Fine! I’ll take it! This morning I woke and called the pax at Kadena one last time and they had the same c-12 flight to Osan pop up again…I did a massive calling around to track the origin of the flight and finally got the actual pilot on the phone from up in Seoul. He said they’d definitely bring flotation devices and he gave it a 90% chance they’d have 2 seats open. I scrapped the Futenma idea and headed to the terminal where I apologized for my behavior the previous day. I was the only one listed for the Osan flight, and it went smoothly from there. They treated me amazingly – like they thought I’d explode again. Again they checked my bags and ticketed me, but while I waited in the gate they still weren’t sure I’d get a seat. You cannot imagine my relief when I got the thumbs-up (literally). We walked out to the plane and the pilot came over and said, “are you the one I talked to this morning?”. “Yes sir”. “well good, you made it”. The Pax agent was stunned. HA! The flight was uneventful except for Zoe’s 2 disgusting accidents – no toilet on this little plane. Bryan was at the terminal with flowers!!! I love him. So, I’m happy to be back home. Arlo is great, too! I’ll evaluate my experience later when I’ve thought a bit.

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