Day with Jiyoung

Today we had a wonderful morning relaxing with Bryan; he got home last night very late and didn’t need to be to work until 2pm! Of course he won’t be home until about 2am…night flying. Anyway, we met Mrs Lee for lunch out at a gorgeous fancy Korean restaurant. They served traditional food, but done up very fancy with lots of extras and a few courses! It was great. Afterward we drove to her apartment to hang out for the afternoon. Minji was home from school to see Zoe! We caught up for quite a while, then she watched Zuzzer while I went for a quick comissary run for camping food. I love having Jiyoung as a friend. For the long weekend we are headed down south about 5 hours near Jirisan (a famous mountain) for some rock climbing and camping. I’m excited about getting back outside!

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