Yongseo Pokpo & Mt Geumjeong

This weekend we roadtripped south to a nice climbing area in the middle of nowhere called Yongseo Pokpo. Our buddy Gook came along so it was fun to hang with him. It was near a huge trickle of a waterfall with a little pool beneath. Had fun climbing, camping out, and messing around in the water. We had planned to stay the whole weekend, but got antsy after the first night as the area was smaller than we expected. So, we took an impromptu drive to Busan (the 2nd biggest city in South Korea). Instead of taking in the beaches and bars that Busan is known for, we drove up the huge Mt. Geumjeong park and found a place to camp. Pretty sure that wasn’t permitted. In the morning we took a great hike in the park; it used to be a giant fortress and the original walls are still snaked along the ridges. We were questing for some more climbing and finally found it, though it proved to be a bit to tough. Fun, anyway…and an awesome find. The views from our hike were incredible Busan seemed like just another big Korean city, but the air was cleaner, we could see the ocean, and can imagine going back for an extended backpacking trip in the park. One of the few places Arlo is allowed. Zoe loved it! She hiked very well, and did get carried for most of the UP. Later, though, she literally ran the whole way down. We all stopped for a hof at a little outdoor cafe then drove home. Couldn’t find a place to camp on the way, so we just drove all the way home and got in really late.

Pics here

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