Seoul Date

Yesterday Bryan and I had Myoungsu & Minji come over in the afternoon to babysit Zoe while we took the train up to Seoul. It was so fun to hand out just the two of us. We first got our camera’s fixed at the big electronics market…they did kind of laught we when showed them 3 broken camera’. After that we got back on the train up to Jongno-5 where there is the big outdoor Gwangjang market selling tons of outdoor equipment, army surplus,fabric, hanbok, and other stuff and it’s just down the block from the giant fabric market at Dongdaemun. Bryan got some new shoes and ‘the new camo’ while I got some great cheap fabric for Zoe’s requested ‘Daisy head Maisy Fairy’ costume. We stopped at one of the little food stands old women set up to have a potato pancake and some soju when a drunk Korean guy scooted over to our side of the bench and emotionally blabbed on about something very important to him. ?The Korean War? He bought us a squid and the ajima cut it up for us. mmmmm…raw squid from a stand that has been sitting out all day. It actually was fairly tasty with the supplied dipping sauce. The nice drunk guy left us with a huge thumbs up for Korea! PICS After we had our fill we strolled back to the subway and rode to Itaewon. It’s a fancier big version of the made-for-Americans stuff they sell here at Songtan. We’ve never been super impressed with the shopping except that they have a variety of ethnic restaurants. We really wanted some good middle eastern food, but were kind of dissappointed that it was bland and not like the good stuff we used to get in Tucson. Oh well, at least we know we haven’t been missing anything. The train ride home took a long time as it was standing room only. Though, finishing our soju mixed in some lemon soda made it all funny and bearable. Zoe was super happy when we got home and Jiyoung had replaced Myoungsu, so it was nice to see her. Seems like they all had a fun day.

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