Happy Chuseok

So, this whole weekend is Korean Thanksgiving, or Chuseok. As I understand it Koreans travel to visit there grandparents and pay homage to their ancestors; thanking them for a successful harvest year. So, there are huge traffic jams of people getting out of Seoul. Yesterday Seoul was dead when we rode up to the war museum, and today on our way to the subway we noticed that the roads were empty. So, we drove up to Seoul to the Childrens Grand Park…on Chuseok!! No joke, everyone on base makes a HUGE deal about not driving anywhere, but I think you just need to know where to drive and when. We had a great time at the park. Lots of Korean family’s were out in their hanbok spending the day together. Zoe finally got to ride the camel with Bryan, we watched the Anistory play, and fed the birds. The drive home was great too…now I wouldn’t try it tomorrow when everyone heads back home. =) Happy Chuseok!!

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