The Scrub Down

I finally did it. This whole year I’ve enjoyed going to the Korean sauna’s and jjimjilbangs. I wash up, sit in the hot tubs, scrub myself, sit in the steam room, do a face mask, sit in the crystal room, take a dip in the burning hot jet-massage tub, and hop in the cold tubs. I’ve watched as Korean ladies paid the ajima’s (middle-aged women who work – literally, ‘aunt’) to give them a scrub and massage. I got the guts to do it today! Yes, I laid my naked body on the massage table in the bathouse surrounded by a hundred other naked women while a barely-clothed Korean lady about my mom’s age scrubbed every inch of my body to vigorously scrub, exfoliate, wash and finally massage away any possible dirt. Awesome!! Today’s exchange rate made it $12. Wish I would’ve done it earlier.

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