Our flight was uneventful. Food and service was great… love Korean Airlines. Our E-visas got us through a huge line quickly, and our bag popped out right away. A funny guy from our hotel came to pick us up in a tuk tuk; very nice. We’re on the 4th floor with a bit of a view across the town and the pool below. Get wifi out on the balcony. I have the AC cranked since it’s super-hot and humid. Our room is huge with a full size bed. free breakfast. all this for $20. amazing. Zoe did great on the flight. She loved her meal of spicy chicken, peas, carrots, rice, pineapple, and some olives she picked out of a wierd salad. Now she’s busy playing with the hand towels and flip flops here in our room. Tomorrow it’s off to the Angkor park and elephants! goodnight.

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