6th Anniversary.

Bryan and I have been married 6 years! I love being married to him.

Yesterday morning he watched Zoe while I went to the Aeroclub and did a little bit of flying…well mostly landing. It’s coming back to me quickly; I’m surprised.

Then in the afternoon, Mrs. Lee and Minji came over to watch Zoe while Bryan and I went out for our anniversary. We took the train up to Seoul for a fancy dinner up a N Seoul Tower in the N Grill. It was awesome! Highly recommended for anyone here in Korea. It’s a fancy – no kiddo’s kind of place. The restaurant rotates so you can see the whole city in two hours, and they time your dinner perfectly (a 6 course affair) so that you aren’t rushed but finished exactly where you started. Amazing and so romantic. We also got the special treatment at the bottom. Simply told them we had a NGrill reservation and got rushed to the front of the elevator line. Our reservation was for 5pm, so we got beautiful views of the city as the sun set and all the lights turned on. Oh, and the food was soooo good. Fancy. Bryan got steak and I got the lobster. mmmmmm Afterward we walked around MyongDong and then over to Namdaemun and all the way to Seoul Station for some coffee and people watching before the train ride home. It was a fun last jaunt through the street markets we will miss so much.

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