It’s raining in Okinawa

This morning we all awoke early to try to get on a Space A flight to Hawaii…Zoe and I are starting our adventure to Georgia. They decided not to take passengers, even though Bryan did try to talk them into it. BUT, there was a C-12 to Futenma MCAS in Okinawa and we got on. The flight was fine; 3 hours. We slept the first half and then watched Madagascar 2. We then rushed over to Kadena in a cab because I knew there was a flight going to McChord this afternoon. Well, it’s delayed until 9:30 tonight so now we’re just hanging out at the terminal for the day. There is a kiddo room with toys and a big TV with movies, so Zoe is happy. We got lunch and a Red Bull up in the cafeteria, so I’m happy. I have us booked at lodging on base in case we don’t make the flight, but there are 54 seats available so I’m hopeful.


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