Well, Zoe and I are both going to be starting school in January. I’m going to the local Valdosta Technical College; I’ve always wanted to learn architectural drafting. The school has a Hope Grant program where military and dependents get free tuition plus a bit of cash toward books. There aren’t many good job prospects here, I’ve even sent my resume into places without posted openings, and the local schools are on a hiring freeze. So I figure I’ll just learn something new. It’s free, after all. Zoe and spent a few days last week driving around finding a place for her to go while I’m at school (only 3 days a week). There are not alot of options here. We stopped into a few public-run places that were OK. I was not impressed; most seemed run down a bit and just packed with kids. Plus I wasn’t impressed with the food they served – junk food lunches and cookies daily for snack. yuck. One near our house was actually great, but they only did full time. There is also one really nice fancy place – similar to the CDC on base, but very expensive and full-time only. So, the last option is one of the few church-run preschools. These all had wait-lists, but I got a call this morning that her name came up at school that was the one that fit our requirements the best. It’s Perimeter Road Christian School and it’s pretty close to our house. It’s actually really big and has a school up to 4th grade, two 2-year old classes, and structured learning. Plus, the playground is great and they get alot of outside time. They get to bring their own lunch, too, which I like. Anyway, it should be exciting. I’m ready to not be a ‘stay at home’ anymore, but now that I’m used to it I don’t think I could jump right into full time work. I think this will be a great segway for both Zoe and I to get apart doing other positive things.

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  1. I love that her supply list for “school” includes things like playdough and gluesticks. She's really growing up! You too, Ms. 3rd Career!

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