The Nutcracker

Today we ventured off to a quaint town called Thomasville. The weather didn’t cooperate too well, but we still had fun checking out the small shops, looking at the big old homes, and visiting a Dairy to see the goats. After dark we drove through a Christmas lights show (twice – Zoe really liked it) and then went to a local ballet troupe’s performance of the Nutcracker. It was great! Zoe loved the ballet and watching the ballerina’s. She behaved very well during the first half, then after intermission wanted to stand for the second half. It was fine, though, since no one sat in front of us. She was enthralled the whole time; it helps that the scene and costumes change quite often, but she did have trouble whispering instead of yelling when she was excited about stuff. She especially liked the kids at the beginning and the snowflake ballerina’s. We had a great time.

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