Toy Run

Made just over $200 at our yard sale this morning. Success! We quickly closed up shop at noon, left Zoe with the neighbor, and headed out on the motorcycle. Bryan and I bundled up for the annual Toy Run where 2215 motorcycles each brought a toy to participate. It was our first gang activity and we really liked it. It was incredible to see all the bikes and their tough riders with stuffed dogs and doll baby’s on the back. The nearby towns all come out to watch, too. We were waving at onlookers the entire route. People from all walks of life; young and old, black and white, cooks wearing their aprons, grocery shoppers, everyone inside Las Margaritas, the teens working at taco Bell, nurses, Santa Claus, the VSU cops, and one retirement home even wheeled out all the old people out to the porch. It was sunny, but chilly so I’m still warming up. Zoe had fun at the neighbors house and promptly took a nap when we got home.

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