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Why on earth does every neighborhood and shopping center in this odd town have a Name? And why do people insist on using those names as if they are valid directions? There are roads, people, and actual addresses. Are you kidding me?

ME, “Is there a fabric store in town?”
**Southern account** LADY, “Do you know where Five Points is? or Highland Heights? GMC?”
ME, “uh, no. I know Perimeter road. Is it north or south of that”
LADY, “oh, hun, I don’t know that. Just go past Five Points, past GMC, and then take a left by Walgreens”
ME,”what road am I taking a left onto?”
LADY, “hmmm, I’m not sure”


It is, by the way, on Park Ave and Ashley street which is VERY south of Perimeter road.

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