Merry Christmas

Well, Christmas came fast to us this year! Now that we’re finally moved in, it seems that it’s time to celebrate. For Christmas eve we spent the day getting the car packed for our trip up to PA and playing around the house. We went to church in the evening and then drove through the lights neighborhood on our way home. At home, Zoe was super excited to finally get to deposit her ‘reindeer food’ on the front lawn. That way, the reindeer will get a nice treat as Santa delivers gifts. We then all opened one gift – Zoe got her Christmas PJS with Tinkerbell on them. A hit! After she fell asleep Bryan and I went to work putting toether her new wagon. Christmas morning found Bryan up at the crack of dawn reading his new book, while Zoe started to wander over to our room to sleep with us. She was angry he wasn’t in bed at 7:30 am and told him it was still, “sleepy time”. He pointed out that santa came and she changed her tune. So, we all got up and started opening gifts. Kat got lots of supplies for her garden and a nice wireless keyboard for the new computer setup on the big tv. Bryan got a full-face motorcycle helmet and some books. Zoe got a new wagon, fish tank, a tea set for her kitchen, and pink towels for her fairy bathroom. She also opened a Mr. Potato head, puzzles, a big tinkerbell coloring book, and some new dino books. She wanted to play with everything as she opened it, so it took a bit of coercing to get her to open more. We were done late in the morning, so we all got dressed and packed up the car to get on our way! We planned to leave by 1, so the early start allowed us to push through the night arriving here at my parents house by 3am. We only stopped 3 times briefly for gas and coffee, and time went by as we listened to lots of kiddo audiobooks, the Christmas Carol, and some grownup audiobooks. It was unbelievably foggy through Virginia, but there was little traffic and people were speeding faster than me! We made record time with a 15 hour drive!

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