Zoe’s First Day

We woke up early this morning and Zoe didn’t want to get out of bed. 7:30 is early for us since we moved back from Korea; seems our time change adjustment stopped a couple hours short. Anyway, she was not excited to go, so I told her I’d go in with her and stay as long and she wanted. She agreed to that and got up to get breakfast – peanut butter and jelly. It only takes 5 minutes to get there, so we were early and got to chat with the teacher’s. Zoe ran in and immediately started playing with the dino toys. I stayed for a bit, but she was having fun, gave me a hug goodbye, and went on playing. So, I left, came home and laid back down. I feel so yuck in the mornings; Friday I start school, so we’ll both have to be ready and I’ll just drive straight to Valdosta Tech after dropping her off. Seems like it will work well. Bryan decided to pick her up from school since he was coming home early. She was out in the hall crying with the teacher when he got there. I guess doggies hair was missing (we found it) so she didn’t really take a nap. Her backpack was also missing her lunchbox, spoon, and water bottle. We tracked it down; it got sent home with the other new girl in class. OK. Not sure if she actually ate her own lunch or the other girls’. So, not the best first day, but she seemed to have a good time until nap. She goes Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:30-3.

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