Kat’s School

Today I attended my first day at Valdosta Tech where I’m starting a Drafting program. It’s something I was interested in doing after high school, but ended up going to college instead. Anyway, we woke early and took Zoe to her school at 8:30. She was excited to go today. After that I drove over to the tech school Drafting lab. I’ve been apprehensive about starting this since I feel so yuck and pregnant, but once I was there I realized it will be fun and I’ll just push through the morning sickness. Once I get to school it’s mostly computer or drafting table time, so that’s do-able with a queezy stomach. The other folks in the program also seem nice; half are just out of high school and the other half are about my age. After I picked Zoe up at 3, I was super tired and really wanted a nap. Unfortunately, Zoe just woke from a nap, so it was a rough afternoon. It’s also freezing outside.

On a different note, my sonogram on Thursday was cancelled as the tech had a family emergency. Rescheduled for next Thursday.

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