Finally got my ultrasound today. Of course the baby just looks like a lima bean with nubs and a flicker. I’ll post pics when I scan them in. It was cool nonetheless, and Zoe and Bryan both enjoyed trying to figure out which way it was facing. So, based on that, the due date is the 24th of August – of course that is give or take 2 weeks. I’ve been feeling less morning sick as I’m taking B6 and Ginger pills, but I’m still really overly tired alot. Napping with Zoe non-school days is amazing. I have started with wierd cravings – steak, turkey and mashed potatoes, even hamburgers – stuff I usually don’t dig on. It’s odd, with Zoe I wanted sweets like strawberries and milkshakes.


  1. Isn't that funny! It's also my Grams, 2 aunts, and Bryans cousins birthday…I guess the first days of deer season are fruitful for lots of folks.


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