Zoe’s Baby

So, apparently, Zoe also says she has a baby “growing inside my body” and in “some months I’ll push it out, after I get big and fat”. She’s so silly and wants to be just like me. She’ll even use, “I’m sorry, I just feel yucky today…like I’m going to puke” as an excuse to get out of cleaning up. She’s also been very keen to define things she did “when I was a baby” like riding on a yak, feeding kangaroo’s, using a diaper, and sucking a pacifier (though she actually refused one of those). It seems her definition of when she was a baby is anything she recalls from Korea. “Miss Yee watched me when I was a baby”. It’s pretty cute to see her try to understand the difference between the baby in my body and HER as a baby and the baby she pretends is inside her own body. Yesterday she did push out her ‘baby’ and said it was on a pogo stick. what? silly kiddo.

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