Camping Lake Eufaula

We planned to go camping this weekend, but the weather was just rainy all day Saturday so we ended up only going from Sunday to Monday. Bryan got the car all packed up, and we asked Zoe what we needed to camp. She said, “marshmallows and hotdogs.” So after picking those up at the store we drove out to Rood Creek along Lake Eufaula which is on the Alabama border. The drive was longer than expected, especially since I stupidly left my purse at a Subway enroute. Luckily it was turned in, though the ‘honest’ folks who gave it to the Subway people decided to take my cash as a reward. Regardless, camping was fun. There was no one in the area except some fishermen on the creek. We kayaked around for a bit, built a campfire, and enjoyed listening to the owls and coyotes at night. Zoe and Arlo had a blast just running around playing with sticks and digging. We also stopped at Providence Canyon State Park on the way home for a nice hike down the canyon. It was pretty, though really odd since it was carved from bad farming. Zoe liked the hike, splashing around in the creekbeds, and making an MRE for lunch.

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