I feel like crap today. Why do I have to be such a miserable pregnant woman? I can’t wait until this morning sickness and ultra-exhaustion are gone. The B-6 and Ginger may be helping my belly, but my prenatal vitamin seems to just make things worse. I’m just not taking that for the time being; even at night it makes me sick.


  1. I have not kept up with you very well it seems. Congrats to you on your pregnancy. So sorry it is not treating you well. How are you guys enjoying GA, and being back in the states?
    I just passed my due date yesterday and feeling a little impatient. I am really hoping to use the Birth Center this time around.
    Blessing to you guys, hope your doing well. I love the blog page.

  2. Hi Rhonda! We're getting used to GA; it's not as easy to love as Tucson was. Being back in the states is convenient, but we really enjoyed all the fun of being overseas. I'm sure you are so ready to get that baby out…you are truly lucky to have the birth center. TMC was like having a home birth compared to the options here.

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