I can’t believe how unneccesarily tired I feel all the time. This pregnancy is really making me exhausted…though I’m doing nothing. The morning (all day) sickness has finally subsided; it’s been a week since the most recent time I puked brushing my teeth, so I’m counting that as “it’s gone”. I’m back to actually taking the prenatal vitamins. The tough part is that I need a nap daily and just can’t get one Monday, Wednesday, or Friday because I’m at school. After school I pick up a well-rested Zoe who has just awoken from her nap and off we go. I want to lay down and she wants to go go go. Thank goodness she is a great solo-player most of the time and can handle me zoning out on the couch while she plays. Hopefully, I’m over this soon. I’m at 12 weeks now, so the first trimester is almost done and I expect to get a burst of energy as I roll into the second. One thing I know isn’t going away is being uncomfortable at night. I fall asleep just fine, it’s just that after I wake to pee at 3:11am I can’t get back to sleep. As with Zoe, my right hip kills at night if I’m on my right side and zings down my leg. If I’m on my left side it’s still a nice big dull ache. I can still sleep on my belly, but it’s starting to get that wierd “I ate too much for dinner” feeling when I do…so I’ll be on my back for the next 6 months. I’ve got a nice pregnant-lady body pillow that encourages me to sleep on my side, but I always wake on my back.

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