Florida Natural History Museum

For the 3 day weekend we decided to drive south into Florida where it is -slightly- warmer. The super cold weather has been quite a bummer lately, so we’ve had to change plans a few times. We decided to stick inside and visited the Florida Natural History Museum in Gainesville. It was surprisingly nice! The exhibits are just really well done and interactive. Zoe loved the fossils – all kinds of big creatures that lived in Florida since dino times. We had to walk through that section twice. There is also a great exhibit about the native Floridians, the Calusa, and a super cool Florida-environment area. Zoe loved the walk-through cave and it’s special little kiddo crawl space. It’s an amazing museum with no charge (donations) After a few hours we also checked out the adjacent art museum. Bryan and I enjoyed it, but Zoe had a tough time with “don’t touch”…she truly did behave well for a first time at such a place. We continued our trip by driving down to Tampa where we are staying at a cheapo hotel for the evening.

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