Busch Gardens Tampa

Today was supposed to be sunny, but it started out quite overcast and cold. We still made our way over to Busch Gardens. They are still offering free admission for military and their family this year so we decided to take advantage of it. I registered us online ahead of time, so we quickly stopped at the “Here’s to Hero’s” desk and got our free tickets. amazing. In the park we walked through a bunch of animal displays; Zoe really liked the gorillas. Then we went directly to Timbuktu where there are some kiddo rides. Zoe tried the airplanes, train, motorcycles, and carousel. She loves the motorcylces as they popped wheelies, so she squealed when she got to ride twice. The park was not very crowded, so lines were super short. Zoe fell asleep on the big safari train, so Bryan and I had a couple hours to do the coasters. We had a blast riding them all with such small lines, and we only used our ‘child swap’ option on two. The weather had cleared up, so it was sunny but still quite cold. Bryan and I agreed the wooden coaster was the funnest, but the Sheikra that went straight down (90 degrees) was also cool. Zoe woke just in time for some late lunch and trip to the jungle play area. We really enjoyed the Critters show which had tons of different animals – dogs, cats, birds, pigs, you name it. Zoe then enjoyed 3 times on a “glider plane” ride that she loved. Definitely her favorite. To round out the day we stopped into IKEA for some cheapo good food and a new high chair.

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