Zoe’s School

Well, she’s just not enjoying it. Every morning it’s a struggle to get her motivated to go. Usually when we arrive she’s fine and excited, but lately she has been putting up a fight when we get there. She says she doesn’t like the other kids because, “they take doggy” and when I ask if her teacher helps she says no. She also answers no to “do you like your teacher?” and a plethora of other questions. So, if it’s not fun for her, there is no reason she needs to go….she’ll have plenty of school in her life later. I also don’t feel like I know whats going on in her class as well as I did when she went to Korean school. I got a daily report about her there, and I didn’t even speak the language. Plus, she actually enjoyed Korean school after the first few weeks and would look forward to the bus ride. Her current teacher just seems so frazzled. I’ve been enjoying my AutoCad class at Valdosta Tech, but have come to realize I just like designing homes for ME not other people. So, I’m content to drop it, though I’m glad we tried this since I’ve always wondered if I’d like drafting. We’ll finish this quarter and then drop school altogether after spring break in March. I may look into a short 3-hours-a-couple-days-a-week program for Zoe and see if she might like that. I didn’t have luck finding one when we were first looking at preschools, but we’ll see what comes up. Whatever. She needs to just be a kid right now; she learns so much more (important stuff) in her daily life than she will at a preschool.


  1. She outright refuses to go without HD, and teach is so busy she forgets to leave us a note about how Zoe did. She isn't there when we pick up (that's the after-care folks), and she's often late in the morning so we miss the chance to chat at that time too.

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