The new motivator

Zoe has been great doing her business on the potty for the last couple months, now all of a sudden (again) she’s backslid into pooping in her panties. After a week of poop pants we’ve started a new harsh, though positive reinforcement, regime. This morning all of her toys were suddenly gone. They are in the new “toy store” – our guest bedroom. When she pee’s in the potty she gets to “shop” for one toy. When she poop’s in the potty she gets to “shop” for a whole bin of toys. She’s actually quite excited about it. This will be great, too, for us to see what toys she selects first…so far we’ve had three – her remote control ‘safari’ car, a little spinny light up thing we got for free in Tucson at the Sesame Street live show, and a giraffe from her farm. Maybe it will help us figure out which toys are not necessary any more….her collection did fill the floor in the guest bedroom – too many toys.

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