Ocean Pond Camping

Zoe and I went out camping at Ocean Pond Campground in the Osceola NF Saturday night. It was a quick hour and half drive to a nice campground with big spots right on the big lake. We had fun all day playing at the little playground and on the tiny beach. It was even warm enough to put our feet in the water a bit. Zoe, of course, got soaked and had a blast. We also took a nice long walk (she rode her bike) around the whole campground. Lots of other dogs for Arlo to sniff and bark with. In the evening we made a fire, had some marshmallows, bananas-on-the-fire, and prepped for another freezing night. Sure enough as soon as the sun went down it was bitter cold, but we were all warm and snug in our tent. I even brought both our duvets – one for under and one for over. So we kept toasty. Just as we went to sleep I heard something crunching outside and two racoons were eating Arlo’s spilled food! They were really neat to watch and got quite close. Zoe loved watching them and would get excited to hear any noise outside thinking it was the racoons again. In the morning we packed up after we got warm and drove home to meet Bryan and see how his weekend was. I guess he had a good time and learned a lot.

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