Disney World – 2

Monday was our first park day, so we headed over to Epcot. We bought the special military discount tickets from ITT before we left. They are $100 for a 4 day ticket, plus $50 for park hopping and water parks. An amazing deal! Epcot was great. Zoe freaked out that she finally got to see the giant ball, so we rode that first. Then we headed over to the Land. Bryan and I stood in line for a new ride Soarin’ while Sue, Dave and Zoe went over to the Seas to watch Nemo. Soarin’ was alright, but not worth the long wait. I guess Zoe loved Nemo and the aquarium. Zoe also liked Ellen’s Energy Adventure because it had dino’s. The new Race Track ride was really cool, and we all loved the Mission: Space ride. It’s an actual fuge that pushes you to 2 G’s. Rad! After that, Bryan and I ran over to our special Behind the Seeds tour. I wanted to check out the hydroponics greenhouses with a detail tour. It was super fun. We got a lot of info, some cucumbers, fed the fish, and got to see way more than the regular boat ride. It was well worth the $16. Zoe, Sue and Dave played in the fairy garden and then Zoe fell asleep. They headed up into the World Showcase, so Bryan and I walked around the different countries on our own. They are all so fun and detailed. We met the gang at China where Zuzz finally woke in a grumpy mood. To the point where she didn’t even want to see the Princesses. Surprising, but after we went into our special Princess dinner at the Akershus in Norway she was enthralled and so excited. She had a special photo session with Belle first, then we ate and during dessert Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel and Snow White all came to the table individually to sign her book, chat a bit, hug, and take pictures. It was great, too that we were right beside the door they came out of! After dinner, we rode the Norway boat ride and the Mexico boat ride then found a great spot for the fireworks show. A big day at Disney!

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