Disney World

Whew! What a week. This past week found us driving to Disney World for a much anticipated family vacation. This is going to be a long blog entry….I’ll split it by day…

We stayed at the Pop Century Resort on Disney and had a blast. It’s themed for different decades, and we stayed in the 1960’s near the Hippy Dippy Pool around the corner from a giant Play-Doh. We’ve stayed at Shades of Green before, which is a bit nicer with micro-frig’s, big rooms, and free internet. However, their rates went up when Disney lowered their own special military rates so we saved a couple hundred at Pop Century. It was fun to stay at a themed place anyway. Of course, we are frugal (um, yeah, cheap) so we didn’t splurge the $10 DAILY for internet. Not sure if I would’ve had the energy to blog anyway. We arrived Sunday after a 3.5 hour drive in the rain. Checked in early and then toured around the World. Took the bus to Epcot and hopped the monorail for a ride about. We got off the monorail at the Contemporary; I have a memory from childhood of riding through the Contemporary resort and HAD to do it again. The rain finally let up, so we walked over to the Magic Kingdom and rode a boat to the Wilderness Lodge. We wanted to check out the fancy resorts and see the geyser erupt. If it was nice we were going to walk around Fort Wilderness (again, I have childhood memories), but it was yucky out. We boated back to Magic Kingdom, and bussed back to Pop Century. Bryan’s parents, Sue and Dave, arrived and checked in. Then we all drove over to Downtown Disney for some dinner and pre-vacay shopping. Zoe loved looking at the Trex restaurant and checking out all the goods in the giant Disney shopping complex. That evening Zoe decided to sleep with Nana and Pappy.

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