Disney World – 3

Animal Kingdom Day! Today we woke early to get to AK right after opening. Zoe wore her dino outfit, so Dinoland was our first stop. There were no lines at the Triceratops Spin so she rode twice. We then walked around to check out all the cool dino bones and dino’s hidden in the jungle. The ride Dinosaur was a blast…Zoe couldn’t go…with good reason as it was fairly scary. Our next stop was the Dino Dig playground where Zoe ran around like a nut playing and sliding. At one point she was climbing up a net rope and couldn’t get over the rubber top so I reached down for her hand, she reached up but slipped a bit and my fingernail caught her nose. So, if you see a lovely little scratch on her nose it’s from me. She got over it quickly as we ran over to watch the Nemo show. It was amazing!! We all loved it. After snagging some FastPasses for Expedition Everest we had lunch at the Tusker House. It was a great buffet with all kinds of yummy African food. This trip we splurged for the Disney Dining Plan, so each day we had reservations at a sit-down restaurant and credit for a quick-service restaurant. It worked well, but I know we could’ve easily spent less by not eating at the sit-down places all the time. The Disney portions are large, so we could’ve gotten one adult meal and one kid meal to share between us three and still be stuffed. The dining plan also forced a restaurant reservation schedule on us and took up more time that we could’ve been out….of course, they were delicous though. It was a fun trial. While Bryan and I ran to our Everest Fastpass, Zoe Dave and Sue did the Safari and then we switched. Zoe and I walked through the Pagani forest and got some ice cream. She found an amazing stick, but then hit a kid with it so it had to go. She fell asleep in the stroller so we bussed back to the Pop Century for a nap. In the evening, Sue and Dave went over to Downtown Disney to eat at a special restaurant while we had dinner at the hotel cafeteria. For ‘quick service’ food, it was quite good and varied. Then, we drove to DisneyQuest to play at the giant arcade. Zoe loved the kid games section and especially the tiny kiddo roller coaster sim. We all liked the ‘rafting through the dinosaurs’ sim and had to do it twice for Miss Z! My favorite, though, was the Pirate sim. Bryan steered our ship while Zoe and I pulled strings to shoot our cannons. It was a blast. We all had to work together to pirate the other ships for their gold. In the end, a big pirate ghost ship attacked us. We almost beat it! What fun. Sue and Dave came over to meet us before we headed to the hotel for the evening. Zoe has been having fun sleeping with Nana and Pappy at night.

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