Tyndall Beach

Bethany, Zoe, and I drove down to Tyndall AFB on Monday for a couple days at the beach. We’ve not been yet and decided this would be a great spot; it’s the closest base along the gulf coast and they had room at lodging. It was so awesome! I can’t imagine being stationed there, it was so nice. The base is huge with lots of parks, a big marina on the sound, plus a giant empty beach. Amazing. We stopped in Tallahassee on the way down for a visit to the zoo to break up the drive. Spent a couple hours in the evening at the beach. Zoe loves the water and playing in the sand. She just sat with Bethany in the surf letting the water pull her forward and back. She ended up with a giant lump of sand in her suit. We then spent all of Saturday at the beach; brought food and towels and a little umbrella. The weather was nice and hot with a cool breeze. The water felt a bit chilly at first, but not bad once you got in. Bethany and Zoe built lots of drip sand castles and we all dug a bunch of lovely holes. Zoe loved to just sit in the shallow water left on the beach. It was a great day!!! The beach is gigantic and just goes on and on in both directions, yet we only shared it with about 15 families. The only bit of a downside is that the boardwalk over the dune is a long hike out; small price to pay. Unfortunately, Bethany got a horrible sun burn. We all sunscreened-up, but I guess her’s wore off or washed off faster. After dinner we made a necessary stop for some medicated burn spray. Today we just woke up to lounge around a bit and then check out and drive home. It was only a 3 hour drive! I think we’ll be going back.

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