Bethany’s Visit

We had a wonderful time with Bethany this last couple weeks. We went to an amusement park, hit the beach, kayaked in the swamp, and visited the local attractions in Valdosta… Those two things are pretty azalea’s and a historic house downtown. On Saturday Bryan spent the day with Zoe while Bethany and I shopped at the local consignment and thrift stores for some baby Avi stuff. It was fun! Today we took her to the airport *sad face*. The drive down to Tallahassee was fine, and all seemed well at the airport when she checked in. After seeing Bethany of we visited the Mission San Luis – a neato reenactment museum of life on both a Spanish mission and life for the local Apalachee peoples. It was really nice, and a great way to get our minds of missing Aunt Bethany.

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