Cob Workshop

This past week we attended a Cob House Workshop up in Kentucky with a group called Disputanta Cob. Cob is an old technique using clay, sand and dirt, and straw to build up a home on a stone foundation. The class lasted four days – we learned how to build foundations, mix natural mortar, make cob, place doors and windows, and build the walls with cob. On the final day we did a bit of roofing. There were alot of neato people at the workshop, we all camped out in the field for 6 nights and had meals together. The food that was provided was great! Zoe had a blast playing with all the mud, in the creek, and with the older girls. Bryan and I took turns working on the building and watching Zoe. It worked out well. The whole workshop goal was to start a new small home and complete one side of it enough to add a tiny roof. We would get a brief lecture after breakfast and another after lunch, but most of the time we were hard at work mixing cob and building walls. It was fun and tiring; we slept well out in the tent. The weather was great; sunny and hot during the day and chilly at night.




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