Kentucky Land

While we were in Kentucky this past week we decide to buy some property! We have been looking for a while for a ‘retirement’ place and found some places in Kentucky a couple months ago. We contacted the seller and decided to check them out while we were up for our cob workshop. We drove up a day early and spent a whole afternoon out in the woods looking a different properties. One fit us perfectly! It is up at the top of a hollow, has a pond, a couple spring-fed creeks, a few acres of cleared pasture land, some climbable cliffs at the top, and an 1840’s falling down home and barn that we can use for materials. So, now we are in the process of getting our loan approved to buy our 87 acres in Kentucky! Our eventual goal would be to retire up there and build our own little homestead. Something we can work toward over the years. It’s up a hollow along the Red Lick Valley near a town called Berea; which has a great little college.





  1. We just looked up where in KY this is and it's close to Lexington, huh? Did you know that my mom is born and raised there? She lived there until she went to Ohio State for college. That's awesome that you all were able to buy property. We want to visit when you're settled someday.
    Erin (Stevens)

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