Zoe in the car

We have a lot of people ask how we can go on long car trips with a two year old and what she does in the car. Well, we just got back from a 9 hour drive back from Kentucky with one stop for lunch, plus a quick bathroom break and Zoe did great. We do not have a DVD player in the car. Zoe does a lot of stuff while we drive: she stares out the window, she comments on the things we are all seeing outside, she looks for things that are orange, she colors in her coloring book, plays with her sticker book, makes up stories with her little animal toys, talks to her doggy, and other little stuff by herself. For big trips we make a point to get audio books from the library that she can listen to and follow along with. Another important thing is snacks; special things like fish crackers, chips, and flavored watered are saved just for long car trips. She also really just likes to talk like we do; cars are where we all have our big conversations. If she’s really getting antsy I put my passenger-side seat back and she likes to play with my hair – sometimes she’ll pretend she’s painting it (and my fingernails and toenails and arms) with colors from her books. Finally, we try to time things so she will be taking a nap at some point while we’re in the car, and the rule is if Zoe is sleeping we do not stop for anything…ANYTHING!

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  1. Sounds just about right! Those stupid car DVD players just turn kids into zombies anyway. Why'd you have kids if you didn't want to actually interact with them?! 🙂

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