23 weeks

Well, I’m at about 23 weeks pregnant now and starting to get more excited about our new little boy. We moved some furniture around to fit the rocker in the living room. Zoe and I headed up to the attic yesterday to pull down her old baby toys; we had a bin of toys and board books up there. We’re also making room in the kids’ closet for his stuff. When Bethany was here we went around baby-boy-clothes shopping, and found out the Goodwill here is huge and has really nice nice stuff. So there are clothes that need a spot. Still not sure where we’ll put his crib…no rush on that decision. We plan on having him sleep in the dough tray (lookup “antique petrin” if you care what this is) by our bed for a few months…it worked great for Zoe. After that we’ll see how sleep and naptimes are running to decide if it would be good for him to share a room or have his own space. I’m also figuring out which toys we currently have can GO to make room for the ‘new’ attic toys. (grandparent warning: do not buy us toys, we haven’t room for them) I guess next on the agenda will be finding that book about pregnancy and delivering a baby…just to freshen up. Maybe signing up for a birthing class over the summer would be helpful, too. I think my new motivation is that Avi is kicking like a soccer player lately. I can feel him moving around at any point in the day; it’s like he doesn’t rest ever. Bryan can even feel it now and we can watch my abdomen jiggle and thump. Funny, having something grow inside your body. I think tonight I’ll go shopping for a baby book.

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