36 inches

My my my, Zoe has grown. This weekend we went camping down at Ocean Pond in the Ocala National forest again. We had fun just melting away in the humidity, playing on the little beach and wading in the water. As always a fire with hotdogs and marshmallows was in order, but it was so hot we didn’t really hang around it to long. In the evening it did get cooler so we slept without the fly on the tent to let the air in. We then enjoyed a nice early morning kayak around the lake. Zoe loves to sit in front of me in my kayak and grab grasses or sticks.

After we got home we headed to Wild Adventures for a few hours. It was a momentous day for Zoe as she is now just over 36 inches! She can ride the ‘big kid’ rides on her own now!!! Yippee. As always she loved the rainbow coaster and the froggy hopper, but I think they were especially fun since she was on her own. We were actually kind of surprised about it. Bryan was going to ride with her and then she said she wanted ride on her own; we had her stand against the colored yard stick and to our surprise she COULD ride on her own!!! The best part about being over 36″ is that she can now ride some of the ‘real’ rides with us now. The highlight of her day was (well after a nice romp in the splash zone) riding a REAL roller coaster with daddy! Here is the “Ant Farm Express” (scroll down). It’s still a small one with just a lap bar, but it was a for-real coaster. The first time around she looked a bit nervous. The second time she was just squealing and came running down the off ramp so proud and excited. It will be great to explore the other non-kid rides with her, now. Yippee!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your day at Wild Adventures! We love to hear stories about family park visits and memories. Next thing you know, Zoe will be graduating on to the Cheetah and Hangman!
    Thanks again for sharing.

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