Happy Mother’s Day!

I was awoken this morning by Zoe wanting some snuggle-bug time. Bryan was, mysteriously, gone and then appeared with pancakes in bed! yum. I got a lovely card from Zoe that let her record herself yelling, “Happy Mothers Day…I love you, MOM” at the top of her lungs. It’s perfect. As is my card and massage gift certificate from Bryan. Oh, he knows what a pregnant mommy wants. We then went to church and out for a hike in the local forest park where we picked a whole lunchbox full of wild blackberries!! I’m now making a yummy blackberry crumble for our church get together this evening; it’s our turn to host.

Happy Mothers Day to my mom!! I love you! Hope camping was fun. Also, Happy Mothers Day to Sue, and Effie, and Pat, and Gram and all the other mothers out there!


  1. You and Nancy are tied for the World's Best Mom! We love you, Kat.

    Grandpa Joe

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