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Road Trip!

Zoe and I are taking a week long road trip up the Washington DC and back. Yesterday we went to gymnastics, and Bryan joined us!! After that we started our trek north making it to Charleston, SC around 4pm. We stopped at the Pinckney National Park to get our book stamped and tour around. He’s a famous southerner who signed the Declaration of Independence…who knew? Then we drove over to the beach for the evening. Packed some sandwiches and frolicked in the Atlantic surf. The water, surprisingly, wasn’t super cold. As always, Zoe had a blast in the ocean. She also did great in the car; was busy coloring and doing her dino puzzles when we weren’t listening to “Hank the Cowdog” audiobook. Last night we stayed in the TLF at Charleston AFB. Nice, clean, large rooms on a very nice, clean, green fancy base.

Today we woke early to get on the road. I fueled up on base, and checked my tire pressure (again) which was low (again) on the passenger side…hmmm. We drove down into Charleston, which didn’t take long. While I was getting some stuff together for our boating adventure I notice a ‘rock’ in the front passenger tire that I was going to pick out when I realized it was really the head of a screw! aha, mayhaps that has been giving me low pressure these last few days. Oh well, lets get on a boat. We walked over to the Fort Sumter National Park where I had booked us on 9:30 ferry out to the fort. The ferry is the only way to get to the actual fort, and it was really a fun trip. We saw dolphins, an aircraft carrier, Charleston harbor, and a cool old timey ship plus there was a snackbar so we got a bag of chips. The fort was neato too with lots of old cannons and nooks to explore; the ferry gives you an hour to walk around which was perfect timing for us. When we returned to the car, the tire was still pressured up so we drove back to Charleston AFB and took it to the Auto Hobby Shop. The mechanic plugged it in 10 minutes for us! Great. Back on the path. Actually, lets get some lunch. We went to the BX food court, and I got to park in the Expectant Mothers spot!!!! yippee! these spots are even closer than the Handi-spaces. ha ha. Moving on up I-95 found us at uber-cheesy and run-down-ish “South of the Border” for an ice cream and a picture with a dinosaur. From there it was another 2 hours to Seymour Johnson AFB for the evening (I was born on this base). The TLFs here are in an older building, but remodeled with cute little kitchens and a few playgrounds. Plus, wifi! Tomorrow we’ll sleep in and then look for the house here on base where I lived as a baby…looks to me like the housing is newish, but maybe the address still exists. We’ll see. Then, up to DC to meet my folks at the Andrews AFB famcamp for the weekend.

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